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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,504 – May 8 2018

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Clues Answers
A party in difficulty ADO
Aims of criminal joining Italy’s No 1 illegal gang MAFIOSI
Body in vehicle — something for police to investigate? CARCASE
Boxer went down, with time running out ALI
Clown organised teachers — fair target? COCONUT
Disciple following evangelist, a man of many words JOHNSON
Excellent worker — I’ll get stuck in, resisting authority DEFIANT
Getting new gear? Sports official has it REFIT
Hills not unusually having bird sounds around QUANTOCKS
Incident is placed on record — lines of celebration? EPISODE
Little women, never disheartened, about to begin again RENEW
Maiden featured in special birthday poem DITHYRAMB
Naughty act of sexpot, seen retrospectively EXPOSTFACTO
Non-patriots in revolt — being negative, they are charged ANTIPROTONS
Old friends taking care of modern miss, including minister COMPADRES
Plump and old, needing exercise? OPT
Clues Answers
Revolutionary member of Eastern religion eating loaf JACOBIN
Reward soldiers fairly REQUITE
Rod deceased, having swallowed yellow chemical PERCHLORATE
Rubbish blocking entrance — nasty bit of wire? GAROTTE
Senior officer taking academic stream in philosopher William’s place OCCAM
Simplicity I have found in nature, abandoning old city NAIVETE
Skipper goes round southern island missing bit of ship’s apparatus CAPSTAN
Small stone housed in French gallery — essential item for visitor MUSTSEE
Spiritualists giving phoney answer SHAMANS
State number being brought to head, having taken drug repeatedly TENNESSEE
Submarine group very hot SEARING
Surprise article, something you may get lost in ? AMAZE
Theologian enthralled by church organ in Somerset village CHEDDAR
Throw husband out — ancient fellow whose wife has cheated CUCKOLD
Tree in river, weak top to bottom YEW
Trees found by prince in a foreign country PHILIPPINES