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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,505 – May 9 2018

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Clues Answers
A feature film’s about manual worker MACHINIST
Addle-pated or highly able? ADEPT
After a few balls, berobed queen’s running wild OVERGROWN
American rockers make time for artist REMBRANDT
Billionaire’s acquired island IONA
Bully’s horrible nature, one admitted? TAURINE
Coat’s wrapped round figure FOUR
Cost of no longer popular piece of music OUTLAY
Doing without six-pack, having drunk 9 etc ABSTINENCE
Drug that doesn’t work for man? DUDE
Fifty Shades-type behaviour an unwelcome sight in the bedroom SANDMAN
Good God! This is a bit of a pig GAMMON
High tea during hard period for concubine HETAERA
Information on length for supporting beam LINTEL
Killer arrested by lawman, getting sudden comedown FORCEDLANDING
Clues Answers
Lascivious, heartless church bigwig CARNAL
Medical substitute aces academic assignment PROSTHESIS
Missing king to get dubbed ignorant BENIGHTED
Penny wearing Eve’s top? SPINNER
People wearing religious clothing INHABIT
PM once ditching head of state in Barnet THATCH
Retiring soldiers work with country prone to infiltration POROUS
Rounds with ham, more sandwiches AMMO
Signal recalling marines ALARM
Slightly tight clothing for damsel in order to go around TIDDLY
Star’s sleeveless garment lifted completely CAPELLA
What makes daughter a palace attraction? CHANGING
Works out riddle, having succeeded finally TRAINS