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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,506 – May 10 2018

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Clues Answers
A people fit and willing AMENABLE
Bird sound, piano and song — it’s murder! FOUL
Bringer of tidings needs support — Mother Nature, primarily POSTMAN
Church doorkeeper moved to Syria OSTIARY
Drugs that are incorporated into shoes UPPERS
Dry sort of northern £1 note across the sea NONDRINKER
Energy produce by sun in equivalent type of oil SESAME
Footwear riddle (opening’s moved to heel) TRAINERS
Go in pursuit of pleasure without currency, old man! GRANDAD
Grand farmhouse fruit, good for nothing GRANGE
Hand back old man left in Gap APPLAUSE
Hastings has, on the outside, abandoned incense STING
High Tory capers will do RIGHTYHO
King enters affair with army corps backing — he has weapons ARMOURER
Name a god ending in Y RAY
Clues Answers
Nation of Trump senior, a major power no more USSR
Neglect your garden plants? Not on the surface UNDERWATER
Novel serving of mashed potato? SCOOP
Play area feature? Not exactly ROUNDABOUT
Produce charged particles and celebrate topless IONISE
Racing driver family’s rise HILL
Reverse dancing? Precisely PAT
See 2 PLAY
Shrink one spoils ATROPHY
Suffering light that’s pronounced PAIN
Tai chi term for development work on figures ARITHMETIC
Thigh or rib lead housing far from attractive HORRIBLE
Way a good sort nurses Rowan, perhaps STREET
When to be rejected by wind god SATURN
Wife, decline to carry on! WAGE