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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,508 – May 13 2018

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Clues Answers
Accommodation for archaeologists? DIGS
Ass featured in ancient witchcraft TWIT
Atrocity committed on a field of battle? CRIMEA
Cancel subscription to protect creditor SCRUB
Couple stealing gold from home helper PAIR
Craftsman means to groom his boy STONEMASON
Cruel and pointed remark by one born in late March? BARBARIAN
Damaged car banned in social event BARNDANCE
Drink, one way and another, leads to disturbance RUMPUS
European charged outside America is difficult to catch ELUSIVE
Excitement about Switzerland’s old silver coin DRACHMA
Itinerant magician’s prop turned King Edward into Queen Elizabeth! WANDERER
Let down by legal document about apartment DEFLATED
Money given to fourth in line, say, for property REALESTATE
One travelling out to north Germany PASSENGER
Clues Answers
Part of the Koran found in ancient city in Saudi Arabia SURA
Pre-rest, naughty child moves unsteadily TOTTERS
River bird may be a record holder DEEJAY
Round clubs for the old man CHUBBY
Sergeant abroad missing English rum STRANGE
Set up celebrity with young man from the fifties STARTED
Soldiers leaving train for another kind of transport HEARSE
Streetwise leader’s entreaty to graffiti artist? SPRAYER
Taliban to become an army unit BATTALION
Tides swirling round end of bus stop DESIST
Try to get friend into new art and old Marian hymn music STABAT
Upper-class chap snorting drugs to get things going TEEOFF
Vehicles, one after another, carrying assistance, turned up to support a major medical emergency CARDIACARREST