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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,514 – May 20 2018

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Clues Answers
Alien hiding in public dance is lacking restraint OVERTHETOP
Blunder has rascal guillotined ERROR
Cad runs over appealing carnivore ROTTER
Camera socket stolen by son with long-handled instrument HOTSHOE
Children’s game gets you and me in river TAGUS
Eat away at fuel element in heart of reactor CORRODE
God’s in charge of working animal CARTHORSE
Greet bad weather HAIL
Hard-hearted? Girl not so much! RUTHLESS
He attracts constituents but only with difficulty ATASTRETCH
Immature animal eats everything CALLOW
Jacob’s wife finds the meadow hot LEAH
Judge a royal nipper ARBITER
Look suggestively back in the dance REEL
Model wearing fewer clothes? LESSON
Clues Answers
Mrs Mopp has time to recycle liqueur CHARTREUSE
Open vessel journalist upset OVERTURNED
Part of the creche longs for rank ECHELON
Place trap carelessly and this could be upset APPLECART
Relative gets a halt signal that’s not vindicated UNCLEARED
Siren in car sent hens crazy ENCHANTRESS
Stick semi-digested food with jelly CUDGEL
Superior reduced strike UPPERCUT
Theatre company dislike picture REPRESENT
Travel across German mountain range RIDGE
Trendy Italian banker boxes celebrated doctor HIPPOCRATES
Turner is delayed about an hour LATHE
Utter nothing in between THOROUGH
Worker gets king a drink BEER
Youth to generate transformation TEENAGER