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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,515 – May 21 2018

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Clues Answers
Attractive woman needing a lot of money to strip BOMBSHELL
Awful to recall Hamlet at end of plot TRAGIC
Beginning to get it with date SEED
Creature in river? HIPPO
Flipping tense, smoke and belch ERUCT
Former nurses work to provide food for children LACTATE
In blue, fanatical football supporter UEFA
It could run down wall? Wee covering floor having missed opening GECKO
Learner that is after a pass, then one can drive on farm COLLIE
Mahler: that’s refined music THRASHMETAL
One might go off chest dating site put at top TINDERBOX
Playing at Euros: result in sudden-death shoot-out? RUSSIANROULETTE
Quiet party game SOFTBALL
Relaxes muscles for drug that is injected ABATES
Clues Answers
Rubbish inside most of chicken drumsticks to go on these? TIMPANI
Run a bath to get over upset PERTURB
Section of wardrobe seems large OBESE
Short fellow against guys being attached to this troublemaker MALCONTENT
Sugar to look sexy when cycling XYLOSE
Telegraph work? It involved being on wire TIGHTROPEWALKER
These might secure lock at back: not keys to house REEFKNOTS
They stop racket abuse — Sharapova temper finally blows EARPLUGS
Time to appear earlier in big dress: Oscar for actress GRETAGARBO
Tips to collect working for peanuts BUTTONS
Travelling easier on coach going around city BUENOSAIRES
Walked closely behind man, European went first HEELED
Web developer enters PIN that’s incorrect SPINNERET
Writer of piece returned grant MANTEL