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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,516 – May 22 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Democrat in, Tories out!’ — that is to confuse DISORIENT
Being possible to reach, successfully phone restaurant GETATABLE
Bishop forces sports fans abroad BARMYARMY
Dangerous creature in trap? Rubbish — fright that is for nothing PITBULLTERRIER
Flirts with right-winger, getting one animated TOYSTORY
Gardeners stand nervously around spades? Not very HOERS
Hard work is great in service? On the contrary GRAFT
Hear master had a seizure, having overindulged SURFEITED
I fight to seize Republican ground IBROX
I say Anna is a cow HEREFORD
Inspiration taken from heraldic lion CLIO
Murdered, throat cut — get the law! TORAH
Old king’s service perhaps about to save the pound ETHELBERT
One may help police drag men off, keeping peace at first between two women GERMANSHEPHERD
Clues Answers
Purple with fresh air and bungee jumping AUBERGINE
Racists bearing cross round as warning KLAXON
Record holder’s go on board TURNTABLE
Rock room, turning away leader of criminals MRBIG
Start to cut, shape and grind CHEW
Strong feelings leading to hard argument — over its expansion? HEATHROW
Take part of sheet (the bottom) and stick back ENACT
Tennis’s beginning on grass in a moment TRICE
Timid hangman trembles, needing utmost strength MIGHTANDMAIN
To be clear, on planets not our own there is no opening for life INOTHERWORDS
Together in firm, the lower classes fawned around one DECREPIT
Tucking into acorns? At first you are allowed to MAYST
Two or three prepositions, altogether INTOTO
What Piaf had indoors at intervals — waders NOREGRETS