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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,517 – May 23 2018

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Clues Answers
Abandoned rebel leader probed by secret police CASTASIDE
After study, no women find time for revision READJUSTMENT
Airline lady’s mounted remedial course REHAB
Barman, in short, quite contrary to start with QUEENSCOUNSEL
Beyond a double bend, river’s clear blue AZURE
Dam with added function, not the conventional sort WEIRDO
Fashion etc, the Tudors extended OUTSTRETCHED
Finish job in WC and look embarrassed FLUSH
Forged bill in M&S or Aldi, say, a source of irritation CHILBLAIN
Geriatric’s party I’m a bit annoyed about DOTARD
He’ll judge about six sheep, first in ring REVIEWER
Individual approaching home with zeal INEARNEST
Inscrutable type — he’s quiet during lean times THESPHINX
Landowner introducing married daughter was embarrassed SQUIRMED
Clues Answers
Loose car part regularly fixed in hour by champ HUBCAP
Mobile characters in Tate don’t care for? ATTENDTO
Mum wearing extremely leaky overall MAINLY
No Etonian detected at USA gathering? STATEEDUCATED
Nutmeg’s stopping show in German city WEIMAR
One’ll break faith with failing soldiers DEFECTOR
Order to confine gangster for last two members of panel COMMITTAL
Run through museum unclothed, ending in shop USEUP
Single global enterprise returned early deposit UNWED
Slight setback hampering European policies RULES
Study comes to an end, keeping good time DIGEST
Those visiting solicitors holding teacher up TOURISTS
Travelling kings were sticking together, one might say SKEWERING
Without us, Oedipus Rex collapsed — shock treatment applied PEROXIDE