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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,520 – May 27 2018

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Clues Answers
Beryl is sometimes less than completely supple LISSOME
Boy returning to study gets let in again READMIT
Brief note on Irish autobiography MEMOIR
Chief and the old woman at home MAIN
Children’s game with children a bit of a pain ITCH
Computer program giving an instruction to bedmaker? SPREADSHEET
Dawn return to one’s dwelling COMEHOME
Fellow with one remedy giving cosmetic treatment MANICURE
Follower showing hot wrath against cricket side HANGERON
Friend who cleans out the stables? MUCKER
Fuss not yet dealt with TODO
Helping after silly late change ALTERATION
I lead the singers; I’m working with orchestra CHOIRMASTER

Clues Answers
Islander putting a dead bird in tin SAMOAN
Manual actions in service taking a long time MASSAGES
Mended and put back in stock room? RESTORED
Mighty harmful, a plant POTENTILLA
Move rapidly in chosen profession? CAREER
Precise pointer to north NARROW
Reacts badly after Foreign Office prediction FORECAST
River song being heard AIRE
Soldier describes one form of punishment CORPORAL
Still revolutionary, having a role in American political movement TEAPARTY
The acres translated into alternative units HECTARES
This writer’s left to provide meaning IMPORT
Try to get list set up as one with a succession policy? TESTATOR