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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,521 – May 28 2018

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Clues Answers
9, vile 9, are reportedly for literary villain LONGJOHN
Country church accepts new time to pay foreign bills USANCE
Criticise poet, initially rubbish PANTS
Driver’s grumble around peak months MOTORMAN
Electronic sound in live record BEEP
Group mostly behind driver TEAMSTER
Iran’s foolishly investing a currency abroad Nairas
Kicks horse covered in ornaments THRILLS
Kid returns tight item of 18 UNDERSKIRT
Like unmentionables here in broadcast chat item THEMATIC
Nasty thug, lying, is leaving thing out UGLY
Only having left back and German forward ALONG
Perhaps like 18’s attractiveness and like 12? SATINY
Remain with Roman that is in 9 etc LINGERIE

Clues Answers
Seek information between the sheets? INQUIRE
Sell iodine, perhaps, as a substance in paint LINSEEDOIL
Some 18 a lot of money BRAS
Son clothing daughter in female clothing BODY
Sportsmen’s 9 BOXERS
Tasmanian city throws heavyweight out of hotel LAUNCESTON
Troops needing European ally to appear again REEMERGE
Types on internet, penning chapter for partners ESCORTS
Walk between bodyguards in 9 etc SMALLS
What backer does wearing 12 INVESTS
What entertains slob, kind of music quote? EPIGRAPH
Woman with recipe with health food plants EVERGREENS
£1,000 gets special 18 KNICKERS