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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,522 – May 29 2018

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Clues Answers
… Boatman on, say, tea and a pastry TART
A big effort? No: Boatman, an unconventional father, lacking human resources NOMEANFEAT
Add pressure to big cats, as being wiped out with their young PUMPUP
Boatman’s infant is not bright! FAINT
Born not quite wealthy, they’re developing fast BRIC
Brits are confused about who should settle disputes ARBITERS
Calls offspring ’round the bend’! RINGSUP
Dashing young socialite supported by eldest sibling, say DEBONAIR
Discontinuing treatment: cunning letters sent out to people acting stupidly IDIOTS
Eldest daughter initially conceived internally with AI FIRST
Family of 100 dined with grisly … CATE
Get product to make babies MULTIPLY
Going round by word of mouth, part gets assimilated ORBITAL
Gull to stop moving on water LIETO
Happy to keep small family member in stable CONSISTENT
It goes out like a lamb, coming back a sheep MAR
Likely to be a funny child ODDSON

Clues Answers
Love takes many forms — they’re central to making babies OVARIES
Mockery or send-up? No, I became a father DERISION
Mother, perhaps first of women in family environment WIFE
Nurse, a beauty, stern inside LOOKAFTER
Odd procedure to make babies REPRODUCE
Once quick humour, hot and cold — the French put out? WITHCHILD
One relaxes bonds with familiar relatives AUNTIES
Orders scrap on board SORTS
Painfully rips an ankle liable to this injury SPRAIN
Sacrilege for kinsfolk to replace male, 50, by new model PROFANITY
See 25 GORY
See 28 CLASS
Some gamin: orphaned child MINOR
That Latin kid is awkward ILLA
Treasure trove yields antique RETRO