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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,523 – May 30 2018

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Clues Answers
A white rattlesnake is suddenly alert AWAKENS
Actress was less inclined to sketch Robin and Maurice Gibb, but ___ ? DREW
Beat, whacking balls from behind FLOG
Blast, zero energy GUSTO
Dealer stereotypically having dubiously made assurances to take in new driver? USEDCARSALESMAN
Deliberate, inserting point into flesh MEANT
Failing in crucial test initially, lacking judgement UNCRITICAL
Finally, Torquay United promoted, sparkling in the morning? DEWY
Fish pie and raspberry ripple starters PARR
Flying machine, originally staggering speeds with it SPACESHIP
Growth of a man without love has to be uncomfortable? MOUSTACHE
Handle hard toward the stern HAFT
Handle something on the barbecue, very much on top SOBRIQUET
Highly-valued holding company advanced at an early stage PRECOCIOUS
Nag disposed of, about a hundred SCOLD

Clues Answers
Needle slowing jabs up in arms IRRITATE
One on the fiddle — that’s shady BOWER
Over peak in retrospect, a partner on top of you lay AMATEUR
Perfect wreck TOTAL
Piece for example erected, filthy stuff GUNGE
Plain sailing finally within peaceful heart of nation SERENGETI
Point about subdivision, most cordial WARMEST
Pre-Rainbow Nation province in six-colour rainbow condition? ORANGEFREESTATE
Questioning of Socrates most common COARSEST
Sad guy, mister, sullen principally? MISERYGUTS
Scuttling 1cm, rather black crustacean HERMITCRAB
Smoker in male with a long neck, old, old solver COLUMBO
Thus a little progress on the climb ERGO
Time passed there with English card game TWENTYONE