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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,524 – May 31 2018

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Clues Answers
At front of shop: ’51p for each runner’ SLIPPER
Block of wood supporting edge of cupboard CLOG
British car maker scraps bonnet for body part ORGAN
Conservative’s naughty romp — is journalist included? COMPRISED
Criminal fears being more trustworthy SAFER
Drink served at party at the top of the Empire State Building? HIGHBALL
Elephant eloped with another beast ANTELOPE
English bowler won by some top spinning SNOW
European travel accident involves old lift ELEVATOR
Feature about a group CHAIN
Filter paper finally covered in coffee, perhaps? STRAINER
Fire meat to seal in vitamin BEACON
Groom quiet about knight pinching bride’s bottom PREEN
Hybrid engine from Subaru still ends in trouble MULE
I slap cast over the finale of Oliver Twist SPIRAL

Clues Answers
In two short months Yankee takes ecstasy and marijuana MARYJANE
Incline discs without rims HEEL
Jack Goulding’s desserts JELLIES
King and Serena clash — one’s telling tales SNEAKER
Lots of Chinese food wants starter OODLES
Mockumentary star casts off river vessel BOAT
Nut regularly falls, day after day ALMOND
Reportedly heard by many at Wimbledon? COURT
Rock, for example, is overweight SWAY
Seize the day! Right, I’m off to tour short version in the country CAPEVERDE
Sharp little boy follows conclusion POINTED
Stands for manifestos PLATFORMS
They protect special openings SENTRIES
Welsh boy has fourth beer? ALED
Woman’s first expensive present HERE