The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,526 – Jun 3 2018

Clues Answers
American photo taken in Israel produces scepticism SUSPICION
Barren meadow needs a bit of nitrate LEAN
Boxing promoter in the waste business? Scrapdealer
Conflict Mike finds heated WARM
Cooks for the crew aboard ship STEAMS
Development in old conflict EXTENSION
Device for soldier’s way of working GISMO
Disagreement following publicity that’s aimless ADRIFT
Discontinue speech for refreshment RESTORATION
Explain being angry about sovereign’s desire ILLUSTRATE
Fail to understand girl has article on train MISSTHEPOINT
Half-heartedly incapacitate an aristocrat NOBLE
Initially see little fellow working for a very small amount SMIDGEON
Insect can escape MAYFLY

Clues Answers
Left USSR wrongly supporting Soviet leader? That’s worrying! STRESSFUL
Let’s list components? That’s most unmoving! STILLEST
Man returned to island unattached DISCRETE
Muslim unhappy in gym for fencing PALISADE
Penny has fish? I ask you! PRAY
Question son’s disguise in sleazy bar DISBELIEVE
Recall breaking into storeroom CELLAR
Some dog rescuers become monsters OGRES
Stop and notice people getting tons of affection ENDEARMENT
The miners adapted to join closely together INTERMESH
Top swimmer receives ten cents EXCEL
Traveller’s joy seeing damn bad loser upset OLDMANSBEARD
Trick queen over exploit RUSE
Wonderful boy in charge, travelling very fast SUPERSONIC

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