The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,530 – Jun 7 2018

Clues Answers
16 down by tearaway RIPOFF
16 down’s daughters must be kept in line FIDDLE
16 down’s jumper, reportedly extremely cute FLEECE
16 down’s small flower SCAM
17 flap to purchase, we hear TABBY
17 from first half of paper? Yes for the Berliner, primarily JAGUAR
17 in another clue too, but not for anyone to see OCELOT
17 that’s a 16 down artist, say CHEETAH
17, male, tough guy regularly left out MOGGY
Bits of info about English sides FACETS
Bloomer down phone BLUEBELL
Chris Hoy? On vacation, he’s not really famous CYCLIST
Dad is back at his job, that’s clear APPARENT
Dinner 50% off? It’s a 16 down RACKET
Flag officer, Geordie, given lift by Leo? ENSIGN
Former Man U player keeping a big 17, perhaps BEAST

Clues Answers
Journalist writing about beer REPORTER
Less prepared to find one immersed in a French textbook UNREADIER
Like a 17 in light snowfall, when left out FURRY
My boss during October only OBERON
Old man entertained by frisky older 17 LEOPARD
On The Beach, showing in a London street ASTRAND
One getting into awful scrape in competition between US and USSR SPACERACE
Party animal, female, has male chained up? CON
Restaurateur on TV, judging pie Luther baked PRUELEITH
See 16 ENA
See 16 CAT
See 16 TED
Spooner’s busy wide bay is part of Spanish culture BULLFIGHT
Sport new to the Spanish smoker? FUNNEL
Tight Scot, seen heading off without a wallet NOTECASE
Work featuring duck and Manx 17 OPUS

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