The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,532 – Jun 10 2018

Clues Answers
A little snow beginning to freeze body of water FLAKE
Afterwards, almost everyone sort of thinking LATERAL
Arab chief’s tremor when speaking SHEIKH
Be deprived of two — I ought to struggle GOWITHOUT
Being well off, a criminal suppresses illness AFFLUENCE
Biscuit produced in a mass WAFER
Circumnavigation? ROUNDTRIP
Confident gesture from conductor UPBEAT
Creeper makes weird present SERPENT
Cruel schoolmaster odd to find aboard ship SQUEERS
Got less quiet, leading to row SHRANK
Have great success as explorer? GOFAR
In Leeds I replaced fuel DIESEL
Join forces ENLIST
Make several calls for jewellery — its shape? RINGROUND
Mix in, where fire is lit? Not hard INTEGRATE
Clues Answers
Mock fast food? SCOFF
Not so many following sheep, right? FEWER
One opening in the theatre SCALPEL
Place cleared, but rotting PUTRID
Put off having criminal freed DEFER
Rascal has power to end fraud SCAMP
Scorn some madder idea DERIDE
They are heard in the garden, or seen on the phone TWEETS
This flags up important messages SEMAPHORE
Trips that reveal our preferences? OUTINGS
Ungracious, leaving to applause OFFHAND
Very young peacock LARVA
Vital soldier dropped next to horse PARAMOUNT
Who might bark up this tree, do we hear? DOGWOOD
Wife once modelled naked EXPOSED
Zero reading from this dial POKERFACE

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