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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,534 – Jun 12 2018

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Clues Answers
American not in play at the Globe (Merchant of Venice) ANTONIO
Animals bred, in short, to run in sporting event BADMINTON
Artist’s model turned up in same shot MATISSE
Cheers about Queen’s error — that’s wrong ATFAULT
Constantly reproducing, much like anti-abortionists, I see PROLIFIC
Desperately wanting a 25% reduction in schoolwork ACHING
Doctor has row about building material TIMBER
Don’t they like to see people getting on? AGEISTS
Falls over a painter — get up! NIAGARA
Fruit spread off your trolley? Question remains BUTTERNUTSQUASH
Keen runner has easy run MOURN
Kissing isn’t silent? No worries TONSIL
Maintained an agent to guard stable AFFIRMED
Moon an afterthought, Tramp admitted PHOBOS
Clues Answers
No wild enthusiasm amongst sailors for Vlad? ROMANIAN
Orange ladies include her ANGELA
Particular place is affected SPECIAL
Pop’s rejected about 500 — these people are pathetic SADDOS
Refuse to accommodate one woman over style not normally seen in public BRAZILIAN
Rewards of little value to the consumer STARVATIONWAGES
See 13 HORSE
Spend time together in Chinese — stomach’s empty (4.3) HANGOUT
Sporting legend about to get beat REDRUM
That chap’s very quiet round caged beasts HIPPOS
Weird when retiring perfectly fit fighters SAMURAI
What those in authority earn? TOPBRASS