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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,538 – Jun 17 2018

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Clues Answers
A saint leaving tipsy priest provided with drink APERITIF
Angelica root included in runny centre of spicy sesame paste TAHINI
Articles about walls of Gulliver’s city AGRA
Awkward lad capturing unfulfilled ladies’ hearts BOLSHY
Bring up blood containing tiny bit of gallstone after not finishing food DISGORGE
Cook given a so-called award for pasta RIGATONI
Dish out pies cooked by daughter new to the Home Counties DISPENSE
Drinks to setter’s game GINRUMMY
End of barrel? BUTT
England’s fifth king stopping imposter’s retreat ASHRAM
Fish served with starters of egg mayonnaise for doctor HAKEEM
Leader of Georgian separatists means to escape GETAWAY
Limitless poteen found in apostles’ pants and overalls SALOPETTES
Margin containing recipe associated with English root vegetable SKIRRET
Clues Answers
Nice mansion, home to comic superhero ICEMAN
Note found by lake in a supernatural place FAERIE
One German-American author was a genius EINSTEIN
One leaving latticework erected in sink RELAPSE
Research by American leaving sign for social worker in place to eat RESTAURANT
Rope carried by private therapist TETHER
Sack attendant nursing ailment PILLAGE
Saint prepared to fulfil task in shop CHAINSTORE
Tea (and most of its value) produced for ducal mansion CHATSWORTH
Tense little boy is difficult to handle TRICKY
Twilight of the gods depicted in cloth over holy book RAGNORAK
Unforeseen hitch involving lid of brown sauce BLIP
Vehicle carrying crop is badly drawn SCRAWLED
Wally’s relative? NANA