The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,539 – Jun 18 2018

Clues Answers
Airport in a bad way — work abandoned after upset ORLY
American hoarder of Sinatra, F and chums, so to speak? PACKRAT
Audible encouragement to William in communication of love? BILLETDOUX
Avant garde type from south-east county, mostly associated with top people SURREALIST
Back religious believer almost to the end HIND
Catch son having kiss and cuddle SNECK
Charge forefathers try out in hostile moves WARDANCES
Classical composer, while avoiding extremes, has place for rock ANDESITE
Curses river’s decrepit transport EXECRATES
Dramatist’s second work — this classical reading son ignored SOPHOCLES
Female in woods is crazy, showing no feelings for male DRYAD
In Paris I may meet Sam who sells valuable items? JEWELLER
Italian footballer and friend entertaining Tranmere team in a contentious manner CONTROVERSIALLY
Like some music that gives backing to R Charles, possibly ORCHESTRAL
Man of Enterprise in Scottish place of worship KIRK
Clues Answers
Mound of food’s ending with drink? Nothing turned up DRUMLIN
Naval officer and author having destiny on island LOTI
Navy limited by unserviceable vessels URNS
Nymphs, any number in bras and panties? UNDINES
One of a number of children sequentially evident in Alcott tale TRIPLET
Party food — for Americans DONUT
Raft we all abandoned — unnavigable part of river? WATERFALL
Raucous sound of bird ROUGH
Recalculate so as to change part of business contract ESCALATORCLAUSE
Ropy stuff in clues is allowed, putting a lot off SISAL
Shift gear initially, entering seaside resort BUDGE
Something unsightly hiding pretty trees MESQUITES
Suggestion inadequate, first to last HINT
The fellow designated to engage one showed indecision HESITATED
University zone, one sealed off very briefly (gosh!) after pub room ceremony BARMITZVAH

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