The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,540 – Jun 19 2018

Clues Answers
‘Cloth ears’ with red mobile HARRISTWEED
A philosopher’s works MILL
Airline in the money acquires African citadel area CASBAH
All used up, Tom’s a goner NINE
Bitter players engaged in civil disorder VITRIOLIC
Composer Daniels ends in the middle NIELSEN
Democrat shot around midpoint of ‘knoll’ procession MOTORCADE
Derogatory habit of putting £500 on legal action MONKEYSUIT
Energy burst Dan’s ball? GONAD
Enjoying oneself, when it suits ATPLEASURE
Equal distribution with grand court QUADRANGLE
Excited group playing at Fringe SETON
Gangster and ex-chairman thus provided backing internally MAFIOSO
Get shot of Paul? Bottles out! STOPABULLET
Intestine that calls for a pause COLON
Clues Answers
It produces crude painting, given scope OILFIELD
Kiss very upset copper on behind OSCULATE
Leaf used in fencing FOIL
Old instrument gets bird changing key CITTERN
Pianist ran septet embracing church element TRANSEPT
Poet gasping ‘Retreat!’ DRYDEN
Punishing drill, mate — it’ll get you nowhere TREADMILL
Put in another class? Correct RETYPE
Said Buzz, said Mark PHONETIC
See 21 LIVES
See 9 EDGE
Sweet ungulate crossing a river CARAMEL
Very large number getting month off (something charged) OCTILLION
Want to cut extra evil, vulgar sitcom character BLACKADDER
Who’s a noble Spaniard? A fair character ADONIS

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