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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,541 – Jun 20 2018

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Clues Answers
Arriving at airport, female leaves confinement LYINGIN
Baffling old cases that can be hard to interpret LINGO
Blackberry jam for one in authority BRAMBLE
Brief supporter of games above and other game BOAR
Capital hoards 1,000 bananas and legumes MONKEYNUTS
Cashier collecting rabbi’s fare TRAVELLER
Cast her in lead? HEADLINER
Crude TV family close to top getting stitched up? SEWING
Cutting as printed describes a radical lecturer SARDONIC
Daughter’s unwell, losing energy, needing these? DRAUGHTS
Diamonds? Pick 99 maybe ICECREAM
Digital problem Bill fixed in series CHILBLAINS
Endless plain in central Russia generating winds SNAKES
Envoy to dine with English earl now and then MESSENGER
Feel sick to some extent, heaving, sailing here? ISLE
Clues Answers
Game could spread across Spain CLUEDO
Game I play in Rome once LUDO
Grub that is given to hoi polloi SCRABBLE
Lutheran’s one for his books, not me PROTESTANT
Mate ends this old duty husband introduced CHESS
Old newspaper put up charge ONUS
Passed round plank, first of twenty DEALT
Performance in hat likely to touch people TACTILE
Posted over a pack for confirmation maybe SACRAMENT
Royal courtesan condemned yarn spinners RACONTEURS
Runs large 21 down LADDERS
Scores of cinemas include it, oddly ignoring echo INCIDENTALMUSIC
Temptress wrong to restrict touching SIREN
This writer’s one among 160 to reach peak CLIMAX