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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,542 – Jun 21 2018

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Clues Answers
… belonging to the Irish? THEIR
… holding party lessons right away … CONTAINING
1960s’ Mama’s key function? To make stew CASSEROLE
20% cider guzzled by drunk northerner SCOT
Abolishes work in full? That’s the origin of socialism NULLIFIES
Count change on firm palm COCONUT
Country is leaving Europe after Remain leaders retire ISRAEL
Distance to mountains RANGE
England midfielder can play with English league ALLIANCE
F1 driver not performing as well ALSO
Firing honest, outstanding intellectuals often ends disastrously SHOOTING
Friend embraces European way ALLEY
Guy tackles poorly, giving up a small score GETLUCKY
I can’t recycle new container TINCAN
In the outskirts of Banbury, cat wants tail to be like Tigger? BOUNCY
Keep those who play with the French CASTLE
Labour ousting leader leads to succession TRAIN
Clues Answers
Man in Japan bit assassin NINJA
Mat’s a freewheeler COASTER
Old man, eternal and enigmatic NEANDERTAL
One agreement or many? AYES
One taking a gentle walk doffs hat to fisherman TROLLER
Painter’s first dog was a boxer DALI
Port served at 1:00 or 10:00, going by the numbers? CORK
Records, say, see Arsenal dribbling around D CALENDARS
Rector wears belt, plus diamonds and vestment SURPLICE
Relative not against touring Venice NIECE
Reserved ‘special’ with hungry, empty stomach SHY
Rolling stones have no end of moss at the beginning ONSET
Suggestion of grand crowd … GHOST
The gods are 60% angry about everybody taking ecstasy GALLERY
Tom and Paul excited by Troy’s siege weapons CATAPULTS
Writer has time for another POET