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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,544 – Jun 24 2018

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Clues Answers
Absentee gets meals with old women NOSHOW
Association makes claret CARTEL
Clergyman supports detective being on board DIRECTOR
Considered entertaining painter and announcer HERALD
Drop feathers in trash TEARDOWN
Fire in bag SACK
Fret over servant’s strike STOPPAGE
In time, traitor makes mistakes ERRATA
Lust of French father DESIRE
Make teenager upset GENERATE
Medic introduced to swimmer in wasteland TUNDRA
Missile has reversing space in this part of Devon DARTMOOR
Novice makes offer to pay TENDERFOOT
Old king keeps writer in clothing CAMISOLE
Clues Answers
Quake in Turkey — capital taken aback TREMOR
Relic of saints captured in defeat FOSSIL
Repairs, or trades, sports car ROADSTER
Sally runs to help RAID
Slumber for girl holding record REPOSE
Stopped working and fixed when touring Spain DIED
Stumble in feeble illumination STRIPLIGHT
Take away tonic cafe’s put out CONFISCATE
Tedious wine type grabbing attention DREARY
Total love of sport SUMO
Visual impairment caused by falls CATARACT
Watch and respect REGARD
Where crooked landlords are, or should be BEHINDBARS
Worn down journalist travelled inside ERODED