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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,546 – Jun 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Bird concealed by tree vegetation REEVE
Carpet to appear scruffier DRESSDOWN
Content to leave dirty, horrid old soap DYNASTY
Draw seal ultimately, like an aquatic creature? LOTTERY
Finished interminable fight late OVERDUE
Following trail back on rocky coast leads to disasters ACTSOFGOD
Help student’s received, perhaps REFRESHERCOURSE
I’m surprised about the main part of scripture HOSEA
Liberated eroticism in the same form ISOMETRIC
Must old-fashioned Sierra stop moving? SHALT
Official blamed over drug-smuggling cases CHARGEDAFFAIRES
Pen gripping love novel to reveal nothing STONEWALL
Prayer of 4, heartbroken OURFATHER
Pro with golf ball to accept losing FORGO
Clues Answers
Really scoffed about performer finishing early DEFACTO
Republican’s out of line about earth issue TOPIC
Rook with bird flu awfully sorry REGRETFUL
Scheme with Italian bigwig fencing diamonds DODGE
See limits for one verse ELEGY
Sensationalist cover, in which solver is in text LURID
Streamline business of French farm producer DELAYER
Stunned, with seat newly favouring Corbyn? TASERED
Tense about wild fun in baths with little liquid DESSERTSPOONFUL
Town street crossed by setters having great horse-riding experience? WESTONSUPERMARE
Two characters together swim with hot swimwear DIPHTHONG
Uncultured spat after wife’s caught in fling LOWBROW
Woman not quite a hottie? That’s a bit sexist LADDISH
Women playing pelota, or another game WATERPOLO