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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,547 – Jun 27 2018

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Clues Answers
A 20, exceptionally rare PRICELESS
A stinker, abominable clue getting some stick POOLCUE
Artist has designed action that’s perfect for a British summer? RAINCOAT
Bound to hold money at first, spend less SKIMP
Cheese, be mouldy please! BELPAESE
Children recalled eating meat, one in balls DELIVERIES
Coarse material from a Nazi leader? HESSIAN
Covering bottom of utensil, often slippery — is it? TEFLON
Doctor might find One Direction to be the dark secret of a child? MIDNIGHT
Fashionable bit about page viewing INSPECTION
Hail on moon, mind how you go CHEERIO
I help with church lesson, issue lost on some figure ISOSCELES
In course of lifespan, is home let temporarily? It’s standard fare in Europe SPANISHOMELETTE
Inhabiting Transylvania, Gothic villain IAGO
Clues Answers
Into clothes runs a snake KRAIT
Las Vegas employee with a worse lung problem? CROUPIER
Motorway exit? That’s not sexy TURNOFF
Period in gym when core ignored, I bet a schoolboy error? SPELLINGMISTAKE
Punk is beaten up by fifty associates LINKSUP
Row attributed to nuclear test site, sensitive area? BIKINI
Saint and queen accessing two narrow areas ISTHMI
Second best joker SCREAM
See 7 LINE
This is right, one viewed from the south in fact? TRUENORTH
Too simple, might you say, to secure capital in retrospect — could this help? OVERDRAFT
US songwriter, guy who tried, when suffering, to inspire love WOODY