The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,552 – Jul 3 2018

Clues Answers
Actual consumer suffers with a twist in the tail ENDUSER
Conclude being educated not at fault DEDUCE
Eliot, Eliot & Eliot TRIPLETS
Exploit dispute minister rejected in agreement OVER
Formerly one in a hundred? On the contrary ONCE
Gone sinister LEFT
Got together in hospital with a composer SMETANA
Had an impact on camp AFFECTED
Half in the dark and troubled in my disgrace IGNOMINY
He just appears gentle around climax: he made it up SPEAKOFTHEDEVIL
Hears endless adverts? Not with these! EARPLUGS
Hector is by definition adorable PERSECUTE
In retreat to meet up: majority of one, missing a member AMPUTEE
It’s King Lear BBC can blame for losing odd characters treatment TIGERBALM
Clues Answers
More delectable than a salmon terrine is egg roll for starters TASTIER
Object to experimental mice being present locally ENDEMIC
Planning a set dinner to finish badly ENDINTEARS
Preserved member of an ancient civilisation INCAN
See 13 WORK
See you when you arrive, but not first off AUREVOIR
Shabby at interrupting dog instructions DOWNATHEEL
Shops here are holding scoundrel ARCADE
Still confused about a copy of the Iliad? (3,3,5,2,2) ITSALLGREEKTOME
Thrill from sexy act with her unclothed EXCITE
Tree surgeon’s plant is about right for me FIRST
What to wear in case? LAWSUIT

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