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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,556 – Jul 8 2018

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Clues Answers
Beastly noise as rhino and alligator both cleared out ROAR
Crack car, it’s said every boxer needs one PROMOTER
Defender of good French wine must be drunk BASTION
Doctor sea air, restricting pressure in target area DROPZONE
Female facing malevolent charge FILL
Flower releases its aroma in minimal amounts FREESIA
Free performance gents ultimately appreciate? TURNLOOSE
Horned animal one passes with relief? BUCK
Idle business associate one often has relations with? SLEEPINGPARTNER
In poem, Orpheus’s rejected lover ROMEO
In the end, chefs use identical seeds for flavouring SESAME
Judge’s premium reduced out of hand UMPIRE
Knock in vain with dispatch RAPIDLY
Less fashionable silent model losing heart MUMSIER
Lethal tablet swallowed by father only half dissolved DEADLY
Clues Answers
Lodge close to dangerous river STAY
Mad appeals about part of anatomy ADAMSAPPLE
Part of satire unfair on youngster’s clothing IRONY
PM’s country house accurately placed on map CHARTWELL
Queen turned up days before royal agents, historically REEVES
Raced without underwear, got in at end of the season HARVESTED
Singular act of slaughter leads to row SCULL
Sound of repetitive music boosts artillery attacks CANNONADES
Superiority of policies adopted by cricket ground LORDLINESS
Take in strange oxygen-depleted moonscapes ENCOMPASS
The place to be chivvying the waiters? WHEREITSAT
Treatment for a lunatic at sea? NAUTICAL
Two pounds included in bill for sampler POLLSTER
Vassal’s gone on vacation in pursuit of romance LIEGE