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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,557 – Jul 9 2018

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Clues Answers
21 breaking the law in foreign capital RUBLE
A third pic of one daughter looking humourless POFACED
Actor from Turkey, old chap TRAGEDIAN
As actor discontentedly simulated endless incest ARSENIC
Beginning in Nice, tip poorly INCIPIENT
Behaves badly, having drink after do ACTSUP
Bloomer affecting most of nuptial agreement, essentially PETUNIA
Date surely problematic for Cotswold town DURSLEY
Director of British piece BROOK
End of old EMI’s empire DEMISE
Exercise? One needs a bit DRILL
Golfer underclubs? Stupid mistake CLANGER
Grisly death? C-in-C took the risk CHANCEDIT
Initially named Wilson, actor recently playing rising swimmer PRAWN
Joining together in greeting monarch YOKING
Less reliable fellow? That’s right DICKIER
Clues Answers
Old man injecting drug fix once ready PESETA
Old man went first, accepting wife moved slowly DAWDLED
One way to score goal, say, with good skilful wing play HEDDA
One’s bound to support black man going on board BISHOP
Play in Claret & Blue’s last game ELECTRA
Portrayer of women, after a fashion represented here FIONASHAW
Rock and roller, in that context? STONE
Rolling Stones’ second, then Radiohead? Flunkey wants Queen TRUNDLING
Service mostly average? Press for example MASSMEDIA
Supply 11, importing check fabric VELVETEEN
The tragedy of some deaths MEDEA
Thriller, first from Matthew Arnold MARNIE
Unattached detective’s left Greek island CRETE
Witnesses gangster leaving beauty salon LOOKERSON
Young lad? He’ll not need this! SHAVER