The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,558 – Jul 10 2018

Clues Answers
1, 2, 3 … er … 5 … where’s Dracula now? LOSECOUNT
Adult leaves award for university oink GRUNT
Are North Korea’s leaders unstable, supporting plot to make things black? BEDARKEN
Black eyes see stars SHINERS
Boatman’s a knave! JACK
Captain Kirk mostly gains power and potential energy on edge of space SKIPPER
Criminals swipe cash with rope POACHERS
Ditches record into upturned shed DELPHS
Domestic help making tea CHAR
Go away singing jazz SCAT
Good time to change sides with spirit GHOUL
Hairstyle, say, extremely uniform all over MULLET
Heather Graham looks nice in fancy tops LING
I have been taken in by Doctor Daley, perhaps DIVER
Left magnificent old pirate town PORTROYAL
Clues Answers
Likewise, I’m a silly revolut­ionary to kidnap queen SIMILARLY
Listen to music single SOLE
Loud relative left before display FLAUNT
No point to ripped Levi jeans, they can be chucked JAVELINS
Not ready for difficult run? First, exercise! UNRIPE
Nothing turns head 90° for an emperor NERO
O for a really big limo! OSCAR
Old racehorse not about to be beat DRUM
Painter to cut back piece of hair POLLOCK
Pointy-headed staff in shop (IKEA) PIKE
Rodent’s place for resting by river DORMOUSE
Show it’s worth revising at college THROWUP
Struggle with fine? See below FLOUNDER
Transport around 50:50 animals BULLS
Wizards are most active on Sunday MAESTROS

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