The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,560 – Jul 12 2018

Clues Answers
At work, I muse job is to expand JUMBOISE
Dolly’s hit one boy embracing another JOLENE
Erotic writer stands out for everyone in Asian art NINJUTSU
Expose sporty American observed getting tricked OUTJOCKEYED
Horse which is valueless JUNK
Hurt like one deliberating over case INJURY
In France, setter’s with man — a left-wing leader JEREMY
Jack and mates scrapped this? JETSAM
Leader of Labour’s in touch? That’s a shock JOLT
Magistrate touring great old city, one in India JAIPUR
Old magistrate drops stone in kitchen appliance JUICER
One abandons legal binding area of belief JUDAICAL
Onset of jitters, because on port wines RIOJAS
Clues Answers
Ordered woodworker to cut back in last stage ENJOINED
Person who punches rabbit JABBER
Prophet and pilgrim the French sent to heaven ELIJAH
River bird’s a source of music DEEJAY
Scheme with lies when playing darts, say PROJECTILES
Society not fully open about joint ruler’s rank RAJASHIP
Soldiers thus dance around, full of energy GIJOES
Sunny and warm month, day keeping nothing cold JOCUND
Superb, enchanting joke’s swapped for £1,000 MAJESTICAL
Taking rights away from obscure fellow mostly faking clothes FORJUDGING
Vehicle, facetiously a Russian plane? JETSKI
Vessel smuggling crude oil — it’s an inside job JAILOR
What writer seeks, only in small quantity MOTJUSTE

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