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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,563 – Jul 16 2018

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Clues Answers
Any girl, sadly, won’t want one bent like an old man GNARLY
Artist shows doorkeeper holding light pencil PORTRAYER
Attack that’s kept quiet or loud? FLASHY
Avoiding professional expertise to conceal cunning government style DIARCHY
Bone in back — er, it’s one at the front! STERNUM
Chemical agents more frequently carried by ship SOFTENERS
Dish me up Latinate ten? Such is X! ANTEPENULTIMATE
Electronic music device that could make rest home so zingy MOOGSYNTHESIZER
Fellow who preaches in a Dartmoor location? TREVOR
Fish to go off course, one no good getting caught STINGRAY
Flowery death met with honour in past BLOSSOMY
Governor took place in parlia­ment, talking rhythmically SATRAP
Group having to deal with a letter? TENANTRY
Hostility must be managed on playing area, curtailed RANCOUR
Clues Answers
Increase of good chaps in a union after upheaval AUGMENT
Majority that’s associated with a bit of pride? LIONSSHARE
Man’s snored dreadfully — feature of irregular noise RANDOMNESS
Mate getting into top position OPPO
Mockery making one Christian organisation weary SATIRE
My word, a hospital that helps sick children! GOSH
Person admitting deficiency, right person to knock on door BLACKROD
Race around holding letter finally found at back of study in a cupboard CREDENZA
Run a sequence of jobs CAREER
Soldiers in each group will get legal right EASEMENT
Support belief son will rise to the top STRUT
Tin and lead fused in scientific unit CANDELA
Trump’s unacceptable act OUTDO
What’s almost too difficult for church singer BEYONCE