The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,564 – Jul 17 2018

Clues Answers
After a short time, follow rivals around church HOUSEOFGOD
After fighting, Archers’ cat gets cards CHARACTERS
Balance on turning is outstanding RESIDUE
Boss’s moon in workshop STUDIO
Briefly flash queen wearing one’s hat TRICORNE
Brown allies as a body angered by Blair ORWELLIAN
Clear in past — parking permitted EXPLICIT
Clubs taken in country CHAD
Cut, saying nothing at first SAWN
Doctor calls scurvy ultimately a danger to sailors SCYLLA
Fan in slap keeping close to Joe Cocker? SPANIEL
Garden party is chance to talk FETE
Hit with fine out on call — policy open to criticism INTHE
Is that right about colleague fighting? REALLY
Keen to meet Lothario, tell an alarming lie CRYWOLF
Clues Answers
King stops to shoot crow BRAG
Mature player originally employed by French FA RIPEN
No common ground — it’s elementary RAREEARTH
Old privilege of rank sure intrigued? Do elaborate! DROITDUSEIGNEUR
Once virtue finally gone, sense saint might show it NASTINESS
Order cream — what’s in it? BEHEST
Press people help imprisoned group IRONMAIDEN
Quite — beginner’s struggling with German poet ALLEN
Receives inside information about savings NESTEGG
Theatrical duke’s assets turned theatre round PROSPERO
Used chops past their sell-by date? Not happy HACKEDOFF
Warn distant relative over display ALERT

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