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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,565 – Jul 18 2018

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Clues Answers
A word like ‘logo-mines’, perhaps? NEOLOGISM
Appreciated by tender kissers LIPBALM
Band knocking back drink, comprehending nothing TROOP
Blue plant displaying shoot high up SKYROCKET
Brass concert will have this strand ABANDON
Cellist possibly ushering in second tanker BOWSER
City lines: muggins has to go back ODESSA
Come on, tell me what to do with unpalatable food! SPITITOUT
Gandhi’s headgear wrapped by two old ladies? MAHATMA
Handle new ex-president in short time, right? MONIKER
Head’s unwelcome visitors forged SEN permit LICENSE
Hot rod fans confounded etc ANDSO
Ideal pot, unhappily one not forthcoming OPTIMUM
It’s leaving British frustrated about United’s arrogance HUBRIS
Leaves off using one DEFOLIANT
Little darlin’ playing around IT town in Devon HONITON
Clues Answers
Mentally resigned to go west TIRED
Near an urban area covering source of gold that might do for retirement NIGHTGOWN
Plants do in Guernsey region CACTI
Player longing to take it over LUTIST
Put a stop to drink SCOTCH
Regular GIs have houses on the big side LARGISH
See 10 ROADS
See 11 FORTH
Size up a conservatory plant? REPOT
Social promiscuous type likely to be one? PARTYGOER
Sound barrier? First, Fritz, er, produces shriek? CATERWAUL
Substitute bankers at Zurich centre ERSATZ
Which gives travellers a choice of hybrid oxygen-filled X-ray units CROSS
Writer’s first cooker and fancy hat AGATHA
Youthful rogue has not much ham, lettuce etc — no seconds BITOFALAD