The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,571 – Jul 25 2018

Clues Answers
10 to do arithmetic with new technology? ADDICT
24 boy taken in by devil is wicked ILLADVISED
For Les Bleus, a victory followed by day to chill out UNWIND
A learner admitted to periodical study in Oxford college MAGDALEN
Ace intro for sales pitch STAR
Articles with weight showing what litotes is for TS Eliot? ANAGRAM
Bow before short performance by American 2 ARCTURUS
Girl with old party skirt’s accompaniment for date? ANNODOMINI
Guardian with head of state, one on horse? USER
I appreciate that Hollywood actor wants the Order of Merit THANKS
Inactive and without colour, having caught cold EXTINCT
Journalist’s rubbish papers English rejected EDITOR
Material for building awfully dreamy team up READYMIX
Neglect odd parts of poem, lines showing blunder with words MISSPELL
Clues Answers
Note celebrities eschewing ostentation MINIMALIST
Outbreak of terror as hostage’s grabbed RASH
Person taking land cut kind of irrigation, by the way COLONIST
Saintly carpenter’s record breaking banter JOSEPH
Settle a match, perhaps ALIGHT
Simple man’s abandoned without pity ARTLESS
Small chap, following big road over the hill, ran badly MISMANAGED
Sort of gun in story by right bugger? LISTENER
Strike through ball from the wing, like a striker CROSSOUT
Support many steady moves to cross road TEAAND
Thrash troublemaker’s bottom in the open ROUT
Two lots of gold rings extremely tough for creator AUTHOR
What Newgate is for Dickens OLDNICK

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