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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,574 – Jul 29 2018

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Clues Answers
Apron for local tucking into tart PINNIE
Badly singes rock GNEISS
Break down everything that’s sprung up in wood COLLAPSE
Burglar’s not dangerous, given a wave Safebreaker
Composer of Harlem Shuffle MAHLER
Copper’s testimonial is choice PREFERENCE
Curiously considerate to religious vandalism DESECRATION
Cut fabric’s cost LACERATE
Delighted the European Commission’s unchanging ECSTATIC
Draw back from phone in church CRINGE
Half a dozen learned one’s facial features VISAGE
Hang around old president HOOVER
Highwayman has power in Italian city TURPIN
Clues Answers
In a short time a prisoner becomes disloyal INCONSTANT
King giving order to man OBERON
Marry and relish holding party SPLICE
Mayor prepared to embrace everyone with a lack of conscience AMORALLY
Mounting a revolt RISING
Pay a visit for game of cards with the family LOOKIN
Pick up Eliot’s suit HEARTS
Require English to Latin translation ENTAIL
Showing disrespect in the waterway INSOLENT
Take off Somerset’s first spinner STOP
The French slip up and speak angrily LETRIP
Usual time to say goodbye PART
Work over would-be enemy OPPOSING