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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,575 – Jul 30 2018

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Clues Answers
6 23 etc to call up among banal and pathetic plays NATO
Basic food in drinking establishment for 2 BEGGAR
Benefit in payment, evocative REDOLENT
Bum seated, a fanatic about to perform DOWNANDOUT
Comeuppance for Theresa May and a Conservative party CAMP
Couplet about — six fewer than this? OCTUPLE
Excellent punishment SPANKING
Finish wiping bottom after an excess in sticky substance GLUTEN
First body, you might say, to tour northern French city CARCASSONNE
Fix shower after showering without shower INGRAIN
Host certainly not leggy? ARMY
Magic word, in principle, as esoteric PLEASE
New river in Asia designed for old flagship SANTAMARIA
Clues Answers
Old rule initially in play? ROMEOAND
Piece left in social system CASTLE
Place and time to bag an old house PLANTAGENET
Popular old canary INFORMER
Primate and friar CAPUCHIN
River, run DART
Setter noted patterns in reverse AGARAGAR
State with a petition in US city ALASKA
Where passengers accommod­ated cheaply in back of cars, fury among drivers? STEERAGE
Will writer check schedule that’s arisen? TESTATOR