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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,576 – Jul 31 2018

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Clues Answers
18 not 51, may be vulgar KITSCH
A dreamer with no name is fragrant AROMATIC
A moonlit romance ultimately makes one thus EMOTIONAL
All-out extremely tight sumo wrestling UTMOST
Channel something heard well SOUND
Credit slip uncovered: don’t say a word — it’s sensitive TICKLISH
Cultivated member ate out FARMED
Decide about a city in the US SEATTLE
Declared 48 hours before D-day, what makes privates presentable BIDET
Evenly and softly to begin with, that’s right: not so hard EASIER
Fancy diet not a cure ANTI
Fiendish foxtrot gives way to tango from within INTERNAL
Flinch from overflow in cesspit WINCE
Going nowhere in commercial break ADRIFT
Clues Answers
Had search party status evaluated externally POSSESSED
Harsh lectures to the audience COARSE
Help turned into helping waves RADIATION
Leaves to set up taxi firm TOBACCO
Poor hearing, when one is in the wind MISTRIAL
See 16 DOTE
Small dog locker with doubled top COCKER
Some Laurel and Hardy finally in a fable that’s been rewritten BAYLEAF
Start off continent expedition HASTE
Sun now, then rain MONSOON
The next sound as well is a bird COCKATOO
Then compete and start to turn red SOVIET
Those against accepting defeat are in the soup CROUTONS
What covers essay by learner is found ESTABLISH