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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,578 – Aug 2 2018

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Clues Answers
Bearing of player in the Iran-Contra affair NORTH
Bottom of messy drain NADIR
Continue with German sausage roll? Not I RENEW
Country ignoring church, starting to descend into sin GREED
Craving for flour — is it regular? LUST
Crew finally returns from Vietnam MAN
Direction to the Guardian’s street WEST
Dowager welcomes knight’s opening WINDOW
Fuel container Tom can’t use, but ___? JERRYCAN
Green Goblin initially breaks into Number 10 — Spider-man’s unaffected by this VERTIGO
Griffin she turned into food FISHFINGER
Grown out of Nick Park’s 1993 trousers? WRONG
In the future city goes left, then sideways LATERAL
Infamous doughnuts, with holes on the outside, eaten in North America NOTORIOUS
Like Jack in The Shining: extremely scary – chop, chop! PSYCHO
Maybe I swear to overthrow the French VOWEL
Men’s back exercise — skipping, say? ROPE
Clues Answers
Mmmm … I’m upset by large cats MILLIONS
Money problem for the shoe-dwelling old woman? OVERISSUE
Offers to capture rebel leader and those taking flight BIRDS
Officials arrest girls misbehaving without latitude REGISTRARS
One bringing up children behind the Queen REARER
Ripped into eight or nine pieces TORN
Siege in the style of Farah? ALAMO
Small European bird spotted in outskirts of Prague PETITE
Spoil bag, so tea’s stewed SABOTAGE
Stop fighting when armistice really starts POSTWAR
Take for a ride via trams? OUTSMART
Tip of rhubarb? No, I crave tripe! CARNIVORE
Trouble in bed? Politician’s nail breaks COMPLAINT
Uri can’t bend screen CURTAIN
Vehicle that carries regular team and another TAXI
Young English 8? CUBE