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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,580 – Aug 5 2018

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Clues Answers
Almost cool meal suitable for infants CHILDISH
Be inclined to adopt summer’s latest fashion TREND
Bird eating a little green man? MARTIAN
Black stack of building material BRICK
Brawl as drink stops sergeant major getting his cocktail SKIRMISH
Cathy’s first to meet girl in charge of Wuthering Heights, say CLASSIC
Couple stop as way to end a game of tennis TIEBREAK
Disgusted by new American at university not standing! NAUSEATED
Enormous shade screening top of garden HUGE
Fabric obtained from male sheep BUCKRAM
Friend held up favourite brown moth LAPPET
Gang found in Cheshire town, reportedly CREW
Geological deposit found in Jurassic layer CLAY
German car in which soundly to defeat the French BEETLE
Get on all right in audition FARE
Clues Answers
Hard up family found in vacated squat SKINT
Long to get hold of narrow piece of cloth PINSTRIPE
Mentally unbalanced setter joining most of staff in place to have a drink BIPOLAR
Mine hard substance PITH
Money for parties at hospital DOSH
One on court in engagement with Djokovic initially is set down DICTATED
Prepared to look for a partner that’s fashionable UPTODATE
Prisoner I meant to rescue INMATE
Rich source of opals found in new mine close to Witwatersrand MONIED
Rush meal by river TEAR
Share of extremely substantial diamonds SLICE
Spain overcomes popular revolution SPIN
Ten dimes sent as deposit SEDIMENT
Time spent making slight modification TWEAK
University in conservative soap opera setting CAMBRIDGE