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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,582 – Aug 7 2018

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Clues Answers
American and European’s short match AGREE
Awake, man on a toilet bent over making disturbance UPHEAVAL
Before round, about to be drunk by piss artist PICASSO
Change blue carpet DRESSDOWN
Correct my issue — good after work? COSMETICSURGERY
Dance round mother’s bra (without padding) SAMBA
European wine boxes for old England striker GREAVES
Following pair of jumpers going over highest part of the building ROOFTOP
Helping upset diva with heartless apology ADVISORY
Intelligence to grasp new words NOUNS
Losing wicket at the start, spoils period at the crease INNINGS
One believes he is only seen once in the robbery THEIST
One’s secure getting key ISLAND
Outstanding score for other side securing victory OWING
Clues Answers
Penguin to take one swimming about ice, lost chick briefly CHOCOLATE
Plucks out, at last, name amongst sporting partners TWANGS
Result revealed on show OUTCOME
Right back with players and supporters TRIPODS
Stands when straddling bidet, having wiped bottom? ABIDES
State and prep schools initially fudged exams TESTPAPERS
Steal piece SNIP
Strengthen Aldi: on Tesco struggles CONSOLIDATE
Students — completely clean? NOVICES
The Sun will do this to newspaper numbers here? YELLOWPAGES
They ban kinky mum, sex actor and icon EXCOMMUNICATORS
Travels with strange duo on tour GETSAROUND
Two times? Perfect MINT