The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,584 – Aug 9 2018

Clues Answers
Become dispirited and stop working GIVEUPTHEGHOST
Caught Courtois finally taking a breather in goal ENSNARED
Complaining one side’s weak RAILING
Croatian goals causing shock outcome? SPLITENDS
Don’t hang around! It’s a step up ASAP
Fat doll? Heavens, that’s unusual! LOVEHANDLES
Fiercely determined Spice Girl takes part in this (off-key) TIGERISH
Finished with a thousand — unfortunate it’s too much OVERKILL
Friend of Trump supposedly following a trend FARAGE
Habitually complain about second-class seat BEANBAG
Men taking the bait and ringing ORBITING
Move top one, right? BESTIR
Not concise from the outset — War and Peace, perhaps, a good example EPITOME
Notice May’s supporters keeping close to Boris does make sense ADDSUP
Clues Answers
Over 50 the end of the line? They’re having you on! BLUFFERS
Pulled a muscle touring North America UNCLESAM
Qualities beginning to hold one back TRAITS
Ready to turn round when attack begins SETSABOUT
Rubberneckers going round city BERN
Sack young lady after insult DISMISS
Sculpted arse with enthusiasm but lack of skill AMATEURISHNESS
Smoke (sort of) seen rising in the pavilion VAPE
Use influence to withdraw fleeces worn by king PULLSTRINGS
Villain gesturing angrily unlikely to be this VIRTUE
Walks near sea and sand — please get dressed! ESPLANADES
What it costs to keep new royal PRINCE
Young British journalist attached to Times TOBY

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