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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,587 – Aug 13 2018

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Clues Answers
According to Spooner, only that man Francis lives here HOLYSEE
Art of jazz trumpeter Armstrong touched us magically at the start TATUM
Asking RAF technicians about operation SKINGRAFT
Class describing imaginary number for Einstein? GENIUS
Cow moos, repeatedly expelling gas in Welsh valleys CWMS
Cries of old boy wearing socks inside out SOBS
Dame Edna’s initial career as terrible mother MEDEA
Decent chap keeping member in trousers? GARMENT
Do parts of us smell? ODOUR
Doctor left to collect Arachne’s eyewash DRIVEL
Edges away from very pale woman SHE
Fan of Elizabeth Taylor is eccentric ROYALIST
Gutless Amazon repellently exploit workers — they make you sick NAUSEANTS
Interminable sex act finally taking toll BONG
Kid brother cheers up BRAT
Lascivious look of Bluebeard oddly vanishing LEER
Making dopey son search for love online SEDATING
Clues Answers
Medical labs in Netherlands engaging retired bouncer TENNISBALL
One idiot about to go around and disperse depleted uranium, say ACTINIDE
Pickle and cheese sandwiches start to niff BRINE
Prevented from winning, VIP wept NOBBLED
Prime Suspect’s original episode cut short SEVEN
Six excluded from Liberal whip LASH
Sophisticated editor backing British broadcasting DEBONAIR
Spill the beans and reveal one’s unmarried SINGLETON
Spy provides this home phone number INTEL
Stubborn butcher met dire end DETERMINED
Surviving by hiding in a tent abroad EXTANT
Vacuous, happy folk in Maidenhead HYMEN
Virginal Conservative on speed CHASTE
Well-groomed male observed guards KEMPT
Well-oiled Indian bowling team INDRINK
Wore thick pants, something Protestants have WORKETHIC