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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,588 – Aug 14 2018

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Clues Answers
Alan is chap involved in energised rapping — American music appalachian
Attempts to keep university workshops SMITHIES
Bad son kicked out of seat ADDLE
Busy with aim to embrace something green? ENGAGED
Californian good guy? Individual on the up ANGELENO
Cleaning waste water up in to-and-fro action SWEEPING
Clue to a host offering euphemistic expressions? MINCEDOATHS
Colleagues work, given retrospective concession OPPOS
Dealt with chum needing to collect a vehicle — something in hand METACARPAL
Demand of union prevented trader doing business CLOSED
Deter swimming around island for one particular swimmer REDMULLET
Directed song with a gentle piano introduction APPLIED
Discharge journalist that’s upset common people DEMOB
End of fine game in topping sport ICESKATING
More than one climber is having inner struggle IVIES
Clues Answers
My friend ultimately finishes on good terms with English composer WELL
Officers getting negligent little sleeper to admit wickedness BOYSINBLUE
Old king advances, one first person replacing another RAMESES
Old man to settle on a tree PAPAYA
One losing heart when taken in by a business graduate, low form of life AMOEBA
One paid US seller for food PROVENDER
Report of contemptible person being kicked TOED
Returning engineer flaps about nothing — one who says too much SPOILER
See 20 SHOP
Starts small educational organisation with one rich philanthropist INSTIGATES
Stubborn person making a mess, wasting day after day MULE
Time of life that’s featured in tragedy MIDDLEAGE
Two instructions to be violent to achieve great success SMASHHIT