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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,589 – Aug 15 2018

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Clues Answers
A chef explains cooking HALFASIXPENCE
American folk playing short melody with it OLDTIME
British in Marseilles defaced art there LESMISERABLES
Buccaneer, heading off, stops here ORGAN
Cotton? It beats worsted BATISTE
Dance music on river drowns small talk DISCOURSE
Exceptional catch found swimming around UNHEARDOF
Fine tunes coming from women FAIRSEX
Finished wrapping rare part of bagpipes DRONE
Hears about extremely old valves TRIODES
Horn in tune I’d arranged to impress Rattle initially INTRUDE
Initiate men in order BLOODBROTHERS
Is someone talking about you in this range? EARSHOT
It’s in chamber music that’s sung in parts ROUND
John escorts royal couple circling behind nurse LOOKAFTER
Maestro’s opera popular in part of UK TOSCANINI
More strong doubt about concert opening in Queens FIERCER
Odd way of talking doesn’t begin in Morecambe ECCENTRIC
Pantry in big house, ideal place to hear music STILLROOM
Place for minister’s son in Hair MANSE
Rookie wearing militia’s diving gear SCUBA
Royal bash involves performing music RONDO
Star turns up during the Benedicite DENEB
Tango with a modern writer TWAIN
The occident’s fatal day, right? WESTSIDESTORY
Thrilled about playing grand that’s pulled out ELONGATED
Train voice EXPRESS
What to eat in a basement together? HUMBLEPIE