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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,590 – Aug 16 2018

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Clues Answers
12 across bread crusts about right, 11 in the boulangerie? BRONZED
23 or 5 fruit from 4? Not English SALMON
5 like crabs, worms and insects, say? SPINELESS
9 shed overlooked by hill DOWN
Bay, position docked COVE
Better move to new African city CAPETOWN
Betting choice patent and so unlikely ANTEPOST
Chicken two in 24 YELLOW
City pontiff URBAN
Coffee four in 24 BROWN
Country lacking nothing, cause of Brexit? CAMERON
Dirty five in 24 BLUE
Drink picked up for Father Christmas, possibly? LAPP
Good description of a corporation perhaps, firmly established GROUNDED
Heading off 5, 12 down RAVEN
Jet seven in 24 BLACK
Keeper of fortification filling tin with lager CASTELLAN
Light shade finally captured by artist BEACON
Like, possibly, not half enigmatic feature of Whistler, say? SKISLOPE
Metal objects in the raw, no rivets to knock about IRONWARE
Moonshine drinks COBBLERS
Nauseous three in 24 GREEN
Pee in urine, worryingly 16 across UNRIPE
Prick six in 24 PINK
See 6 CAST
Settler close in or out COLONISER
Shape square for white bishop? CONE
Thwart revolutionary American artist and sovereign SNOOKER
Toll on Belgian town, economical SPARING
Top right by mouth ORAL