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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,592 – Aug 19 2018

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Any wrinkling in lettuce is a result of oxygen deficiency CYANOSIS
Borne by lymph, a sickness occurring in stages PHASIC
Choice role void — US entertainer almost beside herself! RECHERCHE
Choir with its quavers breaking new ground HISTORIC
Detectives reported on my little grey cells, perhaps CORTEX
Dieter who won’t set off until the very last minute? DOWNTOTHEWIRE
Drivers collectively cutting speed in hectic competition RATRACE
Executing rogue, sorrowful earl replaces head of axe IMPLEMENTING
Fruit — it’s wrapped in rind for the most part CITRUS
Game first introduced by married couple? WHIST
Insubstantial small muscle, one failing in test SPECTRAL
Light note introduced to night-time service LANTERN
Make ungainly progress, turning two lengths in lido LOLLOP
Moveable part in breathing equipment HINGE
Old slave’s link with sultanate BONDWOMAN
Premier team cracked it secretly, pocketing diamonds LEICESTERCITY
Relaxing in bar after shower, one can’t concentrate SCATTERBRAIN
Responsible for what’s inside fuse BEHIND
River running through this stratum is increasingly dry THIRSTIER
Sellers turned up bearing dressing material for minor wound SPLINTER
Sinful convert ultimately abandons old god IMMORAL
Tackle Tory cover-up CONFRONT
The Spanish invested in second-rate capital BELGRADE
They usually hold up tails STALKS
Third of Austrians are obliged to use plane SHAVE
Three months guarding border’s a tricky problem TRIMESTER
Weeping mother returned popular award NIOBE
When speaking comprehensively, subdue expletive HOLYCOW