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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,593 – Aug 20 2018

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Clues Answers
… propose wild guess, got nothing to lose SUGGEST
1 + 1? Without detection, I give up … ABANDON
Abbot puts on shirt and tie TRUSS
Annoyed that shirt’s missing from counterfeit Man U strip UPINARMS
Ant’s partner fibbed about competition’s close being avoided DECLINED
Back massage by Norse causes skin injury BURN
Boy gets diamonds for ‘wonderful’ girl ALICE
Clean tackles, Premier League headers by blue and red United PURPLE
Conservative returning knighthood — is this a serious issue? CRISIS
Daughter’s body clock deter­mines when to have food DINNERTIME
Engine going about 760mph, extremely noticeable MACHINE
Fool rises in the morning for tea ASSAM
Germany’s European record is extreme DEEP
Ghost in sunglasses? SHADES
Group not allowed on the radio BAND
Lead, helium and nitrogen escapes HEAD
Mineral made from two-item compound? MIMETITE
Most cold and damp, like the largest space heard RHEUMIEST
On 51p, I would get fat LIPID
Puts away chair, front to back EATS
Rescues about 50 captives SLAVES
Room for fish, but not starter of mackerel SALON
Sack British concert artist, the possible end for a falling star FIREBALL
Seduce EU partner with charm ENRAPTURE
Sense of style TASTE
Spooner urinated toys in legal documents DEEDPOLLS
Substitute every second ALTERNATE
Sweet music ROCK
Teachers writing about flower MASTERS
Top worn by a barbarian BEAST
Traveller to arrive on time COMET
Unfortunately, I get cold chasing a mint — sorry! APOLOGETIC
Wearing dunce’s hat, I’m a little bit slow DIM