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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,594 – Aug 21 2018

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Clues Answers
Abandon working at landing places, lacking energy JETTISON
Albanian pirates tortured refugee PALESTINIANARAB
Artist, an apprehensive type? CONSTABLE
Bad stuttering may show evidence of intelligent behaviour TURINGTEST
Before month half over, Democrat killed racist? PREJUDICED
Boy about to be put into cot made of wood TIMBERED
By main road, refuse collector about to leave north country NAMIBIA
Cheating a pair of zebras? DOUBLECROSSING
Deplored coarse speaking RUED
Expand very large element OSMIUM
Expert’s light touch with cards DABHAND
Hilarious person inhales small quantity in fashionable club HOTSPOT
In dons’ room fitter installs minute security device SCRAMBLER
In poem, ‘maid’ is ‘girl’ EMMA
Information from page in browser DOPE
Man trained with choir for musical HARMONIC
Neglect of French entertainer heartless DISUSE
One is admitting personnel in pilgrim garb IHRAM
Only fellow not given a grave SOLEMN
Pope is up for review PIUS
Powerful Catholic overwhelmed by weakness FORCIBLE
Risk loading silver on back of truck? There’s no written record of it DARKAGE
Secure almost the best bottles shown initially here? WINELIST
Twosome avoiding initial exposure AIRING
Very modest debtor might POWER
Way in front, athlete 23 BOWSTREETRUNNER
What peripatetic philosopher does is obvious STANDSTOREASON
Wildly impetuous, missing note (you shouldn’t have!) in soprano role VIOLETTA