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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,596 – Aug 23 2018

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Clues Answers
1970s’ fashion, flaming dull clothes exciting people FLARED
Complex relationship ending in disaster, one in imbroglio TRIANGLE
Cool in deep space FAROUT
Delusional activity, drink evil stuff in whisky with violin players CHASING
Fire a colleague from Belfast? ANIMATE
God in fallen idol making a comeback ODIN
Initially raking in money, half of this ancient city CORINTH
It’s briefly about a particular case, gripped by disease APPROX
Man bandaging cuts, his wares often thorny? FLOWER
Most desperate youth retro­spectively securing passes NEEDIEST
Nerves of steel? I think not! NOFEAR
Old actress eating only cream cakes? DIETRICH
Painting is about to come up IRISES
Reportedly far from excited with topless greeting in house of ill repute BORDELLO
Scenario unfolding on busy route, somewhere in the north-west Pacific MICRONESIA
School where every Tory of note starts ETON
See 22 down TROUSERS
See 8 RAIL
Social gathering in competition with divers at sea WHISTDRIVE
Sound wheel part ROLE
Stars wonderful, though the first eclipsed in constellation LUMINARIES
Teacher regularly catching head turning, concentrate ESSENCE
Tracksuit perhaps fits uphill runner SPORTSWEAR
Train’s hour late, extremely annoying __ the usual reason? SOUTHERN
Unaware your challenge can’t be completed CLUELESS
Wife hasn’t provided wicked little pest WEEVIL