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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,598 – Aug 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Australian who believes in evolution? DARWINIAN
Change feet over SWAP
Cold countryside at first and not flat CHILLY
Counter on which one may tell one’s beads? ABACUS
Distinctly superior cave about to be transformed ACUTABOVE
Escort drug dealer for execution USHER
Fuel kept without pressure seal GASKET
Give instructions for tidiness ORDER
Go and fish below the old road TURNPIKE
Half hope to take advantage of building HOUSE
Need contract revised but not watered down CONCENTRATED
No more jokes after this, said to be the longest? LASTLAUGH
One showing appreciation of tongue CLAPPER
Pen — only touched one end? FELTTIP
Picture that striker quickly takes SNAPSHOT
Prime us acting for those standing in the middle UMPIRES
Proclamation wrongly cited EDICT
Quickly buy pans suggested SNAPUP
Range of investments: poor lot, if badly managed PORTFOLIO
Refund from the Revenue? TAXRETURN
Rope, look, tethering donkey LASSO
Secret business, turning up at sect OCCULT
Setting out virtues of joining euro? EXPOUNDING
Sky thus clearer, as university sportsman runs BLUER
Sort of school for everyone? Yes and no PUBLIC
Suddenly turn to make a collection WHIPROUND
The arts of growing lab specimen? CULTURE
Very exciting case in court, absolutely full ACTIONPACKED
Where one was punished, until completely motionless STOCKSTILL
Witches can’t start cooker OVEN